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        Main Products

        PE Wax ( Polymerized type) APAO LDPE Paste Wax Sand Wax Micronized Wax PE Wax (Polyethylene Wax) Polymerized Wax OPE Wax (Highly polar Oxidized Polyethylene Wax) PP Wax Polypropylene Wax) MA PP WAX; MA PE WAX (Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polyolefin Wax ) Fischer Tropsch Wax EVA Wax Microcrystal Wax Amide Wax EBS(N, N Ethylene Bis Stearamide) APP Atactic Polypropylene )




                       Test method

        Relative densityg/cm3@25棩


                        ASTM D1505

        Melting point棩


                   ASTM D87



                  ASTM D92






        25kg kraft bag



        (1)Used in Holt melt adhesives, Paper laminating agent, Sealants.

        (2)As asphalt modifier, usually used in bituminous sheet material,modified cement and modified asphalt of high-grade highways.

        (3)When compound with many high polymer, this product can improve processability, compatibility and viscoelasticity of material. For example, used in filling masterbatch, it can increase the usage of inorganic pigment to save cost; Good viscosity in viscous masterbatch; Adding into the production of PP film, can enhance tensile strength, transparency and cold endurance.

        (4)Cable filling material, Road markings,Insulating board.

        Applicable Industries:

        (1)Package: Adhesion of Polyolefine film and sheet, adhesion of laminating packing material, plastic bottle sticking.

        (2)Building material: adhesion of heat-protecting glass wool and paper, aluminium foil and film; adhesion of plastic plate, aluminium plate and steel plate.

        (3)Hygienic material: Adhesion of polyethylene plate and thin paper; adhesion of polypropylene and thin paper.

        (4)Car Industry: Adhesion of polyethylene floor mat and felt, car interior material, fixed dumboard,fixed car toplight, fixed electrical equipment.

        (5)Home applicances: Heat protection polyurethane of seal fridge, fix various parts of pe or pp, fix Air conditioner filter.

        Notice: The above product information is indicative and does not include any guarante

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