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        Main Products

        PE Wax ( Polymerized type) APAO LDPE Paste Wax Sand Wax Micronized Wax PE Wax (Polyethylene Wax) Polymerized Wax OPE Wax (Highly polar Oxidized Polyethylene Wax) PP Wax Polypropylene Wax) MA PP WAX; MA PE WAX (Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polyolefin Wax ) Fischer Tropsch Wax EVA Wax Microcrystal Wax Amide Wax EBS(N, N Ethylene Bis Stearamide) APP Atactic Polypropylene )

        Sand Wax
        Sand Wax

        New and special additives for the manufacture of special effects film.

        Grade 10-400m

        Product with specific and different particle size distribution can be produced according to the request of customer.

        Grade                        7020  7040  7060  7070  7095  8240  8200  8160     8140  8120   8100  8080

        Particle sizem   20     40       60       70        95       65        74       96        104     125      150     178 

        Appearance       ------------------- White micro powder ----------------------------

        Melting point棩   --------------------------------------165---------------------------------------------


        the above grades are similar with the grades 5378/5380/5382/5384/5386 etc, but our grades are more competitive

        Notice: The above product information is indicative and does not include any guarante

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